Help Her

November 20, 2020 webspec-indiantrailpulse 0

Poetry written by Mackenzie Glen, guest writer Help Her A smile that lasts only on the outside, and a pain that runs too deep. She desperately needs […]

In Between

May 28, 2019 jrider 0

My heart is in between. Darling, I don’t really know, whether I love you or whether I don’t. But to say I don’t love you. […]

Time Ticks By

May 28, 2019 jrider 0

  Bonds of friends grew steadily The times we had seen so few I know that when I meet new friends I’d like them to […]

School Violence

May 22, 2019 jrider 0

I am afraid, I am afraid, that I will never see the day The day where I give my kids away The day where I […]


May 22, 2019 jrider 0

What you hold in those hands will never satisfy what you lack mentally. And for that, I feel sorry for you. You will always have […]


April 3, 2019 jrider 0

Trying to silence ghosts They’re not going away Music blaring in my ears Everyone is shouting Surrounded by no one Earbuds in blocking the noise […]