School History

In the late 1950s, it was determined that Kenosha was in need of two more elementary schools, one to serve the north side area and one to serve the south. Harvey Elementary School first opened its doors in September of 1961 to serve Kenosha’s north side residents. The new Harvey School helped to relieve the overcrowded conditions at Grant Elementary School.

In April of 1962, Harvey Elementary School and the southside Vernon Elementary School were dedicated “in the hope that here boys and girls will come from every quarter to share in all the intellectual, artistic and cultural riches of the world.”

The school was named in honor of Cordelia Perrine Harvey, one of the first teachers in the village of Southport as Kenosha was once known. Her husband, Louis Harvey, became the Governor of Wisconsin in 1861. Together they did much to aid the sick and wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Mrs. Harvey had become so special to these men that she became known as “The Wisconsin Angel.”

On July 15, 1961, Miss Bernadette Tacki was appointed the first principal of Harvey School. She served in that position until her retirement in 1980. At that time, Mr. Robert Debelak assumed duties until August of 1987. Mr. Stephen Relich assumed his duties as principal at Harvey in July of 1987. In the fall of 1998, Philip Pares assumed the Harvey principalship.