Spoken Words of The Ancient Rivers

Spoken Words of The Ancient Rivers

6th Graders 2015-2016

December 2015

Susanna Miller
Diana Petre
Ken Huissen
Pam Leonard

Learning Targets
I can analyze geographic information to examine the effects that a geographic or enviromental change in one part of the world may have on other parts of the world.
I can compare and contrast the region of Ancient Civilizations then and now.
I can analyze the key characteristics of the Ancient Rivers that influenced the development of the ancient civilizations.
I can use scientific Vocabulary when writing explanations of water scarcity.
I can explain how new information connects to a topic, text, or issue I am studying.
I can maintain consistency in style and tone when writing and speaking.
I can cite text based evidence to support an analysis of informational text.

As part of the “Water Is Life” module students researched an Ancient River. Working with a local poet Students used Scientific vocabulary and their research to create a Pantoum poem communicating the health of the river and the overall water crisis facing our world. All poems were compiled into a poetry book “Spoken Words From The Ancient Rivers”. The books were sold to the public and proceeds went to “Wisconsin Water For The World” a local organization that organizes water relief projects to water stressed regions on the world. Students read their poems to the community at there culminating event.

Final Product
Spoken Words of the Ancient Rivers Booklet

Supporting Documents
Process and Rubric
Pictures from Culminating Event

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