This I Believe (2015 Compilation)

This I Believe (2015 Compilation)

Alexis Mann, Celeste Calderwood, Emelye Bryniarski, Anna Adamiec, Andrew Werve


Melissa Jakubowski
LuAnn Underwood

Learning Targets
I can write an informative or explanatory text to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the selection.

Guiding Questions
Who am I?
What makes up my world?
What are the needs in society?
How can I use my mind to improve my society?
What are ways people have impacted their society?

We all have personal beliefs (beliefs we stand for, beliefs we are willing to fight for, beliefs that make us who we are). These beliefs are so strong within us, that when we look at society and witness injustices and compare them to our beliefs, we feel we must take action to improve our world. Our beliefs are born out of our experiences and they can have a profound influence on our lives. In the 1950s, National Public Radio (NPR) began the “This I Believe” project, which invited listeners to write down and speak their personal beliefs on air. Your final assignment for your Spring 2015 TAKE ACTION expedition is to articulate ONE (or two, but no more than three) of your personal beliefs in a short narrative that includes how your culture has affected your belief whatever it is. Be personal, be real, and really think about what YOU stand for.

Final Products
Alexis Mann
Celeste Calderwood
Emelye Bryniarski
Anna Adamiec
Andrew Werve

Additional Content
This I Believe – Rubric

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