Letters to Congressman Ryan

Letters to Congressman Ryan

Kaitlynn Kuczenski, Grace Vallis, Nolan Stull

May 2014

Allison Johnson

Learning Targets
I can write a letter to my state representative which identifies a problems and proposes a solution.
I can acknowledge competing views.
I can cite examples from past or current events to clarify my position.
I can support a position on a topic with evidence from my research.

How can one person fuel a revolution? You are a thousand miles away and an ocean away from Africa. What could possibly be done from here? After researching three informational texts on a problem facing Africa, write a letter to your state representative in which you identify a problem and pose a solution. Support your position with evidence from your research.

Final Product 
7th Grade Paul Ryan Letters

Additional Content 
Paul Ryan Letter Task Description
Paul Ryan Letter Rubric

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