Great Depression Poems

Great Depression Poems

Cameron Risch, Ryan Howell, Madeline Jerry, Emily Valis, Lauren Novac


Cindy Renaud
Mame Casper

Learning Targets
I can explain how the Great Depression affected all Americans from varying geographical regions and all walks of life.
I can prepare a presentation with organization, substance and style that are appropriate to purpose, task and audience.
I can use descriptive words and phrases that reveal detail, appeal to the senses and help convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events and setting in the event.

Guiding Question
How did the Great Depression affect the lives of Americans from various geographical regions in all walks of life?

After reading many articles and viewing documentaries in History and English class students demonstrated their understanding of the guiding question in one of two ways. Students had the choice of a 2 voice poem presented by two people who tell a story through two perspectives or a narrative poem which uses poetic devices such as repetition, sounds, framing or poetic verses. Students performed these poems in front of their peers.


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