Yo puedo hablar de mis vacaciones

Yo puedo hablar de mis vacaciones


Emily Kruger, Alysia Blanco, Matt Dahl, Kimmie Lince, Andrew Bryant, Alex Meyers, Jordi Santos, Madeline Anderlik


Ashley Kuehl

After reading online sources on traveling to a Spanish speaking country, the students drew and added dialogue to a guided tour. They described what they would be doing in the present progressive and were required to have a visual for all the things that you could see, visit, eat, and do in that country. The tour was required to be interesting and accurate with evidence from their research. After the completion students participated in a Spanish speaking World Café where they listened and read their classmates’ work while taking notes in a passport.

Final Product
Emily Krueger
Alysia Blanco
Matt Dahl
Kimmi Lince
Andrew Bryant
Alex Meyers
Jordi Santos
Madeline Anderlik

Additional Content
Spanish Guided Tour – Rubric

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