Water Issues Newspaper

Water Issues Newspaper

Kimmie Lince, Brody Cornell, Jovan Richards, Lauren Swanson, Sara Fulghum, Emily Woods

Jessica Dailey
Trent Barnhart
Melissa Thomas
John Gransee

Learning Targets
I can use Microsoft Publisher to design a newspaper that features peer-written articles about water issues.
I can create a layout that is balanced, creative, and eye-catching.
I can use accurate sources and cite them correctly.
I can write a variety of news articles.

For this project, students were given the task of creating a newspaper that featured articleswritten by them and members of their class about world water issues. To start, they researched and wrote a variety of articles about local, national, and international water issues. Then, each student was tasked with designing a layout from scratch for a newspaper that featured those articles.

The audience of their final product was members of the community who wanted to become better informed about water issues.

Final Products 
Kimmie-Lince, Brody Cornell, Jovan Richards
Lauren Swanson, Sara Fulghum, Emily Woods

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