Civil Rights Digital Documentary

Civil Rights Digital Documentary

Anna Pitts, Katherine Turner, Natalie Pitts

2012 – 2013

Mame Casper
Cindy Renaud

As students saw in the films A Time for Justice, Children’s March, and from reading the various BBK articles, the Civil Rights Movement was successful because everyday people were responsible for bringing about some big changes in the United States. Thinking about what they saw thy were to create a Digital Poster about a specific change from the Civil Rights movement that was the result of a person or an event. Students were given the option of turning their digital poster into a Digital Documentary or a presentation in a living history museum. These projects are the Digital Documentaries.
They were asked to do the following for their project:
– Transform your poster topic into a digital documentary
– Select an era-specific song that complements the topic
– Communicate the most important information about the topic using content-specific words and images

Learning Targets
I can assess how Jim Crow laws and racial segregation and discrimination shaped the cultural beliefs and practices of blacks and whites.
I can discuss Jim Crow laws/practices and/or Supreme Court cases that relate to my character’s experiences.
I can infer why so many movement leaders and everyday people were willing to risk their lives to change Jim Crow South.
I can assess how the people in the movement changed Jim Crow South.
I can orally communicate information, ideas, and opinions to different audiences for different purposes.
I can use digital media to create a product and present information.

Final Products
Anna Pitts
Katherine Turner
Natalie Pitts

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