Seniors To Seniors Calendar

Seniors To Seniors Calendar

Wynette McCracken, Abigayle Lutz, Khari Bell


Karen Jenson
Melissa Jakubowski

Learning Targets
I can provide accurate information regarding memory and aging.
I can create a calendar care takers find resourceful.
I can choose appropriate images which are sensitive to the audience.

During the Senior to Senior Expedition, 12th grade students studied
Alzheimer’s disease and the aging process. Students studied the impactof the disease on the brain in psychology and in physics they investigated the medical imaging devices used to detect Alzheimer’s disease. Near the end of the expedition, students created an Alzheimer’s calendar with the intended audience being either patients with early signs of Alzheimer’s or their care takers. The calendars were then sold with all proceeds benefiting Alzheimer’s.

Final Products 
Abby Lutz and Khari Bell
Wynette McCracken

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