Veteran Documentaries

Veteran Documentaries

Miranda Weeks, Elizabeth Covelli, Lindsey Kuhagen

May 2012

Jessica Dailey

The World of Conflict

Learning Target
I can create an iMovie that documents the life of a war veteran.
I can analyze the causes of Global conflict (Causes).
I can describe how people and events impact Global Conflict (Events and People).
I can analyze the effects global conflict has on society, politics, economics and technology (Effects).
I can research, synthesize and report information from primary and secondary sources that explain a topic in greater detail.

Guiding Questions
How do wars impact those involved, both soldiers and civilians?
How do wars change the world, both environmentally and ideologically?

For this project 10th grade students worked in groups of four to interview American veterans about their life experiences, including those during their military service. Students worked alone or in groups to interview and videotape footage of veterans sharing the stories of their lives before, during, and after the wars in which they served. They then synthesized the information gained from their interview to make a documentary about the veteran’s life using iMovie, GarageBand, and various audio/visual sources from the internet.

The documentaries were presented at our anual Veteran ceremony.

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