Ethics and Zoos

Ethics and Zoos

Andrew Werve, Anna Ademiac, Claire Thornborough, Hanna Skendziel, Mari Pavelich, Angel Ortiz, Tori Jadczak, Emily Parker


Mary Bohning

This week you’ve watched the Planet in Peril to see how we are negatively impacting biodiversity by the actions of collecting, poaching, harvesting, and consuming species of animals for our benefit, health, entertainment, and diet.
You’ve watched the documentary “Blackfish” about the capture, training, treatment,  of  orcas for the express purpose of entertainment and observation.
You toured the zoo, observed enclosures/accommodations for zoo species and recorded the behaviors of species under the protection of accredited zoos  and zookeeper professionals for Species Survival Plans(SSP) and how species are apportioned, maintained, and cared for in both outdoor and indoor enclosures all over north America.
You’ve been given three articles dealing with species preservation, zoos, and economic valuation of conservation programs.
Now, it’s time to decide:

  1. Are zoos a thing of the past?
  2. Who decides what species and ecosystems are “worthy” of saving and why?
  3. Whose responsibility is it to care for/maintain species and ecosystems?
  4. How are environmental issues evaluated for economic value?
  5. What are the ethical issues to be addressed with species conservation programs?

Your assignment is to use the resources available to you: textbook, articles, notes, experiences to draft a well-supported argument on how species conservation/preservation should be handled and by whom. Remember without support from resources – you have a passionate opinion.

Final Products 
Andrew Werve
Anna Adamiec
Claire Thornborough
Hannah Skendziel
Mari Pavelich
Angel Ortiz
Tori Jadczak
Emily Parker

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