Allanna McDuffie, Alexander Godlewski, Brittani Burkholder, Katie Carpenter


Cindy Renaud
Leslie Jensen

During the “It’s All About Community” expedition student take an indepth look into their local ecosystems. They visit a state park to collect data and then use the data to make assumptions about their community. They grapple with the question, “Are we a part of nature or a part from nature?” Students are asked to create a magazine that highlights a local ecosystem. They communicate through written word and through pictures they take themselves.

Learning Targets
I can collect and analyze scientific data during an investigation.
I can communicate my findings by writing scientifically.
I can describe how relationships among organisms add to the complexity of biological communities.
I can use a food web to identify and distinguish producers, consumers, and decomposers and explain the transfer of energy through trophic levels.
I can use the 6+1 Traits to write effective expository texts.
I can use technology to produce, publish, and update writing products.
I can use technology to link to and display information flexibly.
I can use the writing process to focus on what is most significant for a specific purpose and audience.
I can selectively integrate information into the text, maintaining the flow of the piece.
I can follow standard format for citation.
I can produce clear and coherent writing appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.


Final Products
Alanna McDuffie
Alexander Godlewski
Brittani Burkholder
Katie Carpenter

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