Water and Your World

Water and Your World

Haley Goebel, Miranda Weeks, Cailin Klawonn, Ashley Henningfield, Abby Lutz, Andy Kislia, Andrew Becker, Matt Shwartz


David Underwood

Water and Your World

Guiding Questions
Why is there a world water crisis?
What is society’s response to the world water crisis?
Is water a human right or a consumer good?

Learning Targets
I can articulate my view on water scarcity.
I can explain the difference between economic and physical water scarcity.
I can compare and contrast water scarcity issues within the twentieth century.
I can analyze primary and secondary sources which explain the significance of important people, including their work and their ideas as related to water scarcity issues during the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

After learning about “Water Scarcity” locally and globally students created projects that answered the above guiding question and demonstrated their understanding of the above learning target.  The projects took the form of informational Posters aimed at educating the community on the World Water Crisis Posters, websites, data analysis, and ibook. All projects were on display at Harborside’s annual water summit that raised awareness of the water crisis and raised funds for the organization “Wisconsin Water for The World”.

Final Products 
Haley Goebel and Miranda Weeks
Cailin Klawonn and Ashley Henningfield
Abby Lutz and Andy Kislia
Andrew Becker and Matt Shwartz

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