Crew Guides

Crew Guides

Paige Yuenkel


Sarah Henkel

Learning Targets
I can identify elements of graphic design and explain how they are used within book cover.
I can incorporate my clients’ wants and needs with my graphic design aesthetic.
I can provide constructive criticism to my peers on their Crew Curriculum Guide Cover.
I can use constructive criticism to improve the quality of Crew Curriculum Guide Cover.
I can use Adobe Photoshop to create an 8”x11.5” image and type based document that is 300ppi, flattened and saved in the correct folder as a .psd.
I can create an original design that improves upon the initial cover, as assessed in prior planning.
I can communicate, using appropriate imagery and text my client’s wants and needs.
I can create a high quality design that has high resolution imagery and had objects appropriately cut out.
I can create an aesthetically pleasing composition by appropriately using contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity to create a visually interesting layout.
I can save my finished cover as a .psd.

This Graphic Design product was part of a quest to design the covers for the Crew Curriculum Guides that would be distributed as part of a disemintation grant.

Final Product
High Resolution Photo

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