Green Art Revolution

Green Art Revolution

Waynette McCraken


Sarah Henkel

Green Art Revolution

Learning Targets
I can create non-representational drawings (using the elements and principles of design but no identifiable subject matter) inspired by 5 selections of music.
I can create two sketches for the album cover and vinyl and gather any visual resources during the ideation process (subject matter is open.)
I can provide constructive criticism to my peers.
I can use constructive criticism to improve the quality of my work.
I can select a sketch that I prefer and develop it into a fully developed and original design for the front and back covers and vinyl.
I can use and utilize the elements and principles of art to create a visually interesting composition for my album cover.
I can create designs for my front and back of the album and both sides of the label that are visually or thematically connected to one another.
I can use my color mixing skills to create a rich selection of colors using acrylic paint.
I can create a high quality, well-crafted painting on my album cover.
I can write an artist statement that describes, analyzes, interprets and judges my work.

This painting was an exploration of personal aesthetic and interest while upcycling discarded material through the Green Art Revolution art expedition.

Final Product
High Resolution Photo

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