Dada Artist Collage

Dada Artist Collage

Elizabeth D’Amore


Sarah Henkel

Learning Targets
I can brainstorm and research current events/ issues.
I can choose a current event/issue and state my opinion on the issue.
I can brainstorm words and images that will communicate my issue and opinion to the viewer of my artwork.
I can describe Dada art in WW1 and explain who made Dada art and why.
I can evaluate a peers work for effective communication.
I can evaluate my own work for effective communication and revise my collage accordingly.
I can create a mixed media collage or photomontage that shows has variety incorporated through at least 5 images from a newspaper, 5 for a magazine, and 5 drawn images.
I can create drawings using charcoal pencil that have a full value range.
I can create a high quality collage or photomontage that includes precision cutting, no white on the paper and adequate gluing.
I can express an issue and opinion on that issue clearly using imagery and text.
I can create an original work of art inspired by a current event/issue.

This collage was an outlet for students to Voice a Visual Opinion and was related to an investigation on Dada artists in WW1 and connected to The War Within expedition.

Final Product
High Resolution Photo

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