Seniors to Seniors

Seniors to Seniors

Eryn Goriupn

LuAnn  Underwood

Learning Targets
I can communicate with someone from another generation.
I can partner with a senior citizen with memory loss and develop a relationship.
I can write an original creative piece that is inspired by or
about my senior partner.

Guiding Questions
Is communication with another generation really
possible, especially when faced with Alzheimer’s Disease?

After learning about Alzheimer’s Disease, memoir, intergenerational communication and how to communicate with someone with memory loss issues, the students participated in authentic fieldwork that involved a series of visits with an assigned senior partner. As a part of the final product, they were to create an original writing final product that was about or inspired by their partner and visits. They worked through the entire Writing Process – pre-writing, drafting, peer share, multiple revisions and peer share/editing, and final copy. The audience included the students, parents, facility directors, Alzheimer’s Director, and family members.In some cases, it would also include the senior partner, depending on the nature and sensitivity of the piece. The pieces were displayed at the culminating event and many, including this one, were read by the author of the piece.

Final Product
Writing Piece

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