Green Art Revolution

Green Art Revolution

Cassandra Duncan


Sarah Henkel

Green Art Revolution

Learning Targets
I can provide feedback to my peer on their communication of a green message.
I can create an original design for my mudstencil.
I can create a design using only positive and negative shapes and space.
I can create a well-crafted stencil using recycled materials and an exacto knife.
I can communicate a green message clearly by utilizing imagery and text.
I can create a high quality stencil.
I can create a test print.
I can be responsible and respectfully while creating artwork within a community.
I can use mud to create prints of my stencils.
I can use repetition to create unity among a variety of stencils
and increase the persuasiveness of my message.
I can use contemporary culture to influence my artmaking.

This mudstencil was a product of an art expedition on the Green Art Revolution and was stenciled throughout downtown Kenosha.

Final Product
High Resolution Photo

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