Photo Series

Photo Series

Emily Bury


Sarah Henkel

Learning Targets
I can plan a cohesive 10 photograph series that includes my title, inspiration, conceptual meaning, aesthetic direction, and digital manipulation intentions.
I can write a minimum 1 page proposal, focused on word choice (double spaced, 12pt font, full sentences, and correct conventions) for my final project.
I can create 10 photographs that are original expressions of my personal style.
I can create 10 photographs that have visually interesting compositions.
I can create 10 photographs that are visually and conceptually connected.
I can use Adobe Photoshop to appropriately and intentionally digitally manipulate my photographs.
I can create 10 photographs that are of the highest quality.
I can communicate the conceptual meaning expressed in my final proposal in my series of photographs.

This was a final series for Photography 1 submitted as a demonstration of understanding of all skills and concepts taught throughout the course. This student combined 10 photographs into 5 and conceptually explored the idea of her impact on the world and what it would be like if she wasn’t there.

Final Products 
3 (1)3 (2)3 (3)3 (4)3 (5)3 (6)

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