“What’s on your Mind?” Self Portrait Collage

“What’s on your Mind?” Self Portrait Collage


Michael Gospodarek


Mandy Mahaffey

Learning Targets
I can refine my techniques and ideas by practicing and documenting in a sketchbook.
I can define, identify and use the elements and principles to create interesting compositions within my artwork.
I can communicate ideas and emotions, solve problems, and document the world within artwork.
I can create artwork using a variety of traditional media and techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking.
I can begin to develop and express my own style as an artist and preferences as a viewer of art and I understand that my personal experience, culture and history affect that.
I can recognize and describe how history and culture affect the creation, meaning and interpretation of art objects.
I can create artwork that is well crafted and of high quality.

“What’s on your Mind?” self portrait collage . approx. 9×24 inches. collage and colored pencil. Students practiced creating self portraits with proper facial proportions and refined their drawing skills. They completed a final portrait filled with gradation and layering of colored pencils to create life-like skin tones. They added collage elements to further express their personal interests.

High Resolution Final Project

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