Fractured Grid Drawing

Fractured Grid Drawing

Megan Ryenearson


Mandy Mahaffey

Learning Targets
I can refine my techniques and ideas by practicing and documenting in a sketchbook.
I can define, identify and use the elements and principles to create interesting compositions within my artwork.  
I can communicate ideas and emotions, solve problems, and document the world within artwork.
I can create artwork using a variety of traditional media and techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking.
I can begin to develop and express my own style as an artist and preferences as a viewer of art and I understand that my personal experience, culture and history affect that.
I can create artwork that is well crafted and of high quality.

Students chose an image that described themselves and created 2 copies digitally, one color, and one in black and white. They deconstructed the color and added to the black and white image to create pops of color. They gridded, transferred and enlarged the image using mathematical proportions. They shaded and blended colors using pencils, colored pencils and acrylic paint.

Final Product
High Resolution Photo (Original: graphite and acrylic; approx. 18×20″) 

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