Water and Your World

Water and Your World

Emily Parker, Anna Adamiec

January 2013

Jessica Dailey

Water and Your World

Learning Targets 
I can write an MLA research paper about an issue affecting the world’s water supply.
I can create a website that presents my research writing and enhances it with multimedia.

Guiding Questions
How does water impact society?
How does society impact water?

For this project, 10th grade students created a website that presented an MLA research paper they wrote about a topic that addressed one of the two guiding questions of the water expedition: “How does water impact society?” or “How does society impact water?” They researched and wrote about their chosen topics, then posted their research on a website they created using Weebly, enhancing their information using multimedia (pictures, audio files, video, etc.).

The projects were on display at our annual Water Summit

Final Products
http://thepowerofdams.weebly.com (By Anna Adamiec; Password: passages)
http://waterinart.weebly.com  (By Emily Parker)

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