Observation of Civic Center Park

Observation of Civic Center Park

Lauren Weyhausen, Edward Nelson


Learning Targets
I can examine visual artifacts created by explorer and information about expeditions and synthesize that information to draw conclusions about the explorers and their experiences.
I can practice drawing from observation using explorer’s artifacts.
I can create a color wheel, value scale and mix colors using water based media.
I can use a photograph as a resource to draw from.
I can effectively use water based media.
I can draw at least two objects from observation at the park and include details (focus on texture, color and proportion.)
I create a high quality painting.
I can describe an object I have drawn in detail. (focus on word choice)
I can provide feedback to my peers.

This project was one that connected the concepts of being and artist and explorer and connected to the expedition work happening in 8th grade concurrently. Students drew from observation at Civic Center Park.

Final Products
Lauren Weyhausen
Edward Nelson

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