Alexander the Great vs. Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great vs. Julius Caesar

Nathan Gonzalez, Hannah Ingram, Dakota Miller, Cole Matoska, Jessica Wynne




Allison Johnson

Learning Targets
I can write Complex Sentences with subordinate clauses (since, when, if, after, because, who, which, that).
I can analyze my writing to determine if my purpose and audience have been fully addressed.
I can support my title by using logical reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.
I can demonstrate an understanding of how AG and JC develop as leaders over the course of a text.
I can produce a clear and coherent poster with no errors.
I can design a poster that is organized and in a style appropriate to the task.
I can Use technology to produce and publish a poster.

In a year long expedition the 7th grade learned about the foundations of Western Civilization through the eyes of major leaders. The expedition culminated with a leadership summit which featured a Socratic Discussion from leaders of our community and a student work gallery. Within the gallery were posters comparing Alexander The Great to Julias Ceasar, Dream Houses created by Math students and a living History museum where students took on the role of an influential world leader past and present.

Final Products
Nathan Gonzales; Hannah Ingram; Dakota Miller; Cole Matoska; Jessica Wynne

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