Memory Research Project

Memory Research Project

Areknaz Khaligian, Nick Duratinsky, Courtney High


Tyson Mengel

The Seniors to Seniors expedition is a multi-disciplinary, study of aging, memory, and intergenerational communication, with a specific emphasis on Alzheimer’s and other dementias that often afflict the elderly. The students learn about the aging and memory process and how the disease of Alzheimer’s and other dementias affect and distort the natural processes. Through in-depth and authentic research, fieldwork opportunities and direct involvement, the students study, learn, and witness firsthand what these diseases do to the human mind, body, and spirit of not only the afflicted individual, but the families, caretakers, and society. Students are taught and trained in intergenerational communication, specifically in how to communicate and work with individuals with dementia, after which each student is paired with a senior citizen within our community who has some level of dementia. The students participate in service learning while meeting with their partners for a designated minimum number of visits while keeping a journal of their visits: their observations and thoughts, as well as their personal feelings through this experience. The students then create both a creative writing piece that is about and/or inspired by their senior partner, and an original art piece inspired by their partner, which the students present to their partner as a parting gift.

The expedition culminates with an event that includes a gallery of the writing and art pieces, as well as student readings and sharing of experiences. All students, their parents, senior facility directors, senior citizens who are able to attend, Walk to End Alzheimer’s Committee members, Alzheimer’s Association representatives, and other district dignitaries are invited to attend the evening.

Final Products
Courtney High
Nick Duratinsky
Areknaz Khaligian

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