Spanish Daily Routines

Spanish Daily Routines

Kayla T., Emily Z., Kendra V.


April 2018


Ashley Kuehl


Spanish 2


Daily Routines Around the World

Case Study

Students worked on being able to talk about their day in Spanish while also learning about other customs around the world.



Learning Targets

  • Yo puedo describir mi dia en frases completas en espaƱol.
  • Yo puedo hablar usando verbos conjugados.


Over the year, we have been connecting what it takes to be great-from the ancients to our local Kenoshans. We have done lots of fieldwork and have had many guest speakers. Now it is time for YOU to pick your
top 12 Kenosha greats locations and/or people. Each academic class developed their own 2019 calendar. The proceeds from this calendar will go to help support CUSH (Kenosha Homeless).


Final Products


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