Kenosha Greats

Kenosha Greats

Mrs. Jania’s Academic 1 English Class 2017-2018




Elizabeth Jania


English Grade 8


Striving for Greatness

Case Study

Kenosha Greats

Learning Targets

  • I can write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic
    and convey ideas, concepts, and information. (W 7 & 8.2)
  • I can produce clear and coherent writing which is appropriate to the task, purpose,
    and audience. (W 7 & 8.4)
  • I can use technology to produce and publish writing. (W 7 & 8.6)
  • I can gather information from multiple digital and print sources. (W 7 & 8.8)
  • I can get guidance and support from my peers and adults to develop and strengthen
    my writing. (W 7 & 8.5)
  • I can present findings on a topic including relevant descriptions, facts, and details.
    (SL 7 & 8.4)
  • I can demonstrate commands of conventions of English grammar in writing. (L 7 &



Over the year, we have been connecting what it takes to be great-from the ancients to our local Kenoshans. We have done lots of fieldwork and have had many guest speakers. Now it is time for YOU to pick your
top 12 Kenosha greats locations and/or people. Each academic class developed their own 2019 calendar. The proceeds from this calendar will go to help support CUSH (Kenosha Homeless).


The Kenosha Community at our culminating event (parents, family, friends, community members featured in the calendar).

Final Products

2019 Calendar

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