AP Calculus

AP Calculus

Lauren Mossman, Zachary Johnson, Michael Gospodarek


Spring 2017


Connie Spence

Learning Targets

I can create, analyze and interpret comprehensive function analysis using optimization and differentials.

Guiding Questions

How does function analysis assist us in creating optimal products?

Description of Product

Why are pop cans the shape they are?  What would happen if you changed to prism-shaped cans instead of cylinders?  What would be the most cost-effective shape for a can of Prism Pop? Prism Pop is to be sold in hexagonally based cans, each holding the traditional 355 milliliters of pop.  The management prefers plans that lower the cost. The material for the sides costs 0.01 cents per square centimeter. The material for the bottom costs 0.03 cents per square centimeter.  The material for the top costs 0.02 cents per square centimeter. Design the most cost-efficient can possible.

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