Kenosha Homeless Crisis

Kenosha Homeless Crisis

Audrianna Salica; Zoe Beddigs; WeathyrAnn Tucker; Alison Kirby

Month/Year: February 2018

Name of Teacher(s): Dave Underwood

Class: World History

Case Study:  Feudalism is Futile!!!!

Learning Targets: 


  • I can describe the impact poverty has on a community.
  • I can explain how the citizens and government of a community impact a social issue.
  • I can create an informational poster that communicates my evidence based claim on the Kenosha Homeless Crisis.


Guiding Questions: 

What are the causes and effects of the Homeless Crisis in our community and what is being done about it?


Description of the Project:

To help students connect with the impact of poverty on a community students explored Kenosha’s Homeless Crisis. In response to the crisis students are hosting a concert of a local band “Cosmic Railroad” where all proceeds will go toward the “Grace Welcome Center” a low barrier shelter in our city. The posters will be a part of a gallery that will inform those in attendance to make them aware of this crisis.

Audience this project was shared with: Students performed in front of a judge and a small audience of students, teachers and parents. This group advanced to the state level competition and will perform again in May.

Final Product: 

Task Descriptor/Rubric Kenosha Homeless Poster Project

Allison Kirby Kenosha Homeless Poster Project

Zoe Beddigs Kenosha Homeless Poster Project

Audrianna Salica Kenosha Homeless Poster Project 

WeathyrAnn Tucker Kenosha Homeless Poster Project

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