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Students were asked to choose a sport we covered in class. Next choose two of the skills learned in that sport and come up with three drills for each skill. Students were asked to imagine that they are teaching a beginner this sport. We looked for explanation of how these drills will improve their skills. Lastly, students were asked to create a “chalk talk” for this sport. Things to include:

  1. Rules of a full game
  2. Positions
  3. Diagram of the field
  4. Vocabulary that you think fits well in this unit
Learning Targets

LT1) I can list one sport-specific skill and explain three learning questions that could help a beginner practice that skill.

LT2) I can list three rules for the volleyball unit and show my understanding of the importance of strategy by explaining the strategy that my team used in a full game.

LT3) Using your knowledge for the volleyball unit explain at least one offensive positions role and at least one defensive positions role.

LT4) Using evidence from the gym or weight room, explain how you modeled the following vocabulary words: Abdominal Muscle, Obliques, Technique, and Flexibility.

Guiding Questions

How can I incorporate fitness into my lifelong lifestyle?

Final Products

9th and 10th grade Lifetime Fitness Final

9th and 10th grade Final Product Rubric

Student Final Product

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