Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Francisco Arzate, Andrew Bryant, Hanna Cunningham, Adam Dobrowolski, D’mario Duckett, Ketih Eckelberg, Ta’ondra Ferguson, Marcela Freitas, Don Garrison, Delaney Goriup, Morgan Hansen, Nia Harrell, Rachel Hayes, Kinnade Johnson, Angelica Kisel, Renee Kislia, Lucy Kaufman, Maddie Nousaine, Tyler Palumbo, Alexus Payne, Anna Pitts, Natalie Pitts, Timbre Shilts, Melissa Simpson, Bri Smith, Gabby Smith, Sarah Spaude, Kathryn Turner, Megan Vittone, Rachel Werner, Aniya Whittington, Alyssa Zanotti

April 2016

Melissa Jakubowski

Case Study
Students worked hard in the community of Nashville to create affordable housing for a family in need

Guiding Questions
What is the difference between a hand up and a hand out?
How does Habitat for Humanity help communities?
How does Habitat for Humanity impact me?

Students traveled to Nashville, TN  and for one week, they  worked for Habitat for Humanity. At the work site, students complete whatever projects necessary to finish housing for a family in need. In this particular year, students worked on landscaping, siding, and painting a home. They also helped by organizing, cleaning, and painting the Habitat Re-store.

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