Our School

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Edward Bain School of Language and Art Elementary School is an urban neighborhood/choice school in the Kenosha Unified School District. Approximately 640 students attend EBSOLA-Creative Art’s Pre K – Grade 5 classrooms. Students enrolled in the  EBSOLA Creative Arts program benefit from a high quality academic and arts education.

Mission Statement

The mission of Edward Bain School of Language and Art, a progressive, uniquely diverse learning community, is to have all children build a strong academic foundation, become culturally competent and engage their innate desire to learn through collaboration among students, staff, families and community in an environment that integrates creative arts and world languages.

Highly Qualified Teachers

The EBSOLA-CA staff is comprised of highly qualified, talented teachers. The EBSOLA-CA staff recognizes that continued learning and professional growth is necessary and desirable. The staff is consistently taking college classes and participating in educational book studies to extend their knowledge base.

Parent Involvement

OPTC (Organization of Parents, Teachers and Community)

EBSOLA CA OPTC meetings are scheduled on the 1st Tuesday of the Month barring any special dates. The meeting starts at 5:30 PM, in the EBSOLA Library, and adjourn approximately an hour later.  Every effort is made to have a translator available at all OPTC meetings.

The OPTC meetings are open to the public.

Volunteers are welcome at all OPTC events.

OPTC provides academic and merit-based awards for students, staff, faculty, and parents.

OPTC has raised funds and/or sold merchandise for EBSOLA projects, events, and student-based programs.


EBSOLA welcomes parent volunteers! If you would like to volunteer in the classroom during the school day, please contact your child’s teacher to discuss the possibilities.  You will be required by the school district to complete a criminal background check form every year.  For inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact the EBSOLA PTA or your child’s teacher.

Parent Room

The EBSOLA Parent Room is designed primarily for use by PTA, Girl Scout, etc. and other parent volunteers. The computer in the Parent room may be used, with approval, by parents who would like to have access to Parent Connection/Zangle to check their older child’s grades, etc. Children should be supervised when in the parent room.