Pathway to Success | Kenosha Unified School District

Pathway to Success

Pathway to Success is Kenosha Unified’s strategic plan that is currently in the implementation phase and is reviewed by the Board of Education on an annual basis. Work on the plan began in early 2015 and will continue through 2022. Below you will find the mission, vision, core values and strategic goals.


Provide excellent, challenging learning opportunities and experiences that prepare each student for success.


To be Wisconsin’s top-performing urban school district that is highly regarded for continuously exceeding all expectations.

Core Values

SAFETY – providing a safe learning and working environment

TEAMWORK – collaborating respectfully to meet goals

UNITY – being united among staff, students, families and all other stakeholders

DIVERSITY – being inclusive of all individuals

EQUITY – treating all in a fair and just manner

NURTURING – providing a caring and encouraging environment

TRUST – building confidence through transparency

STABILITY – building organizational capacity to adapt to change successfully