Advisory Council

DOLA_Full Color LogoDimensions of Learning Academy has an Advisory Council to support the learning community and the mission of Dimensions of Learning Academy and it’s framework. Members include representatives from the local community, staff and parent/families of Dimensions of Learning Academy students, student council representatives and alumni.

The Advisory Council consists of volunteer members that serve for three year terms. Members meet monthly or as needed to review various aspects of school operations and ongoing programs such as fundraising efforts, long range facilities planning, educational enrichment opportunities, etc. Parent members of the Advisory Council work together with the adult learning community and staff to provide financial support through ongoing fundraisers (sock hop, Boston Store, Box Tops for Education, etc.) and to organize specialty days that reflect Dimensions One (positive attitudes and perceptions) in our school like, teacher appreciation days, national charter school week, etc.

The Advisory Council agendas are facilitated by the Principal.  Advisory Council meeting minutes are posted in the main office for review.  Meeting usually last one hour (additional planning for special events is additional).  Our school is a very fortunate benefactor of the volunteer efforts and time spent by our Advisory Council each year. If you are interested in serving a term on the Advisory Council, please contact the school main office or Mrs. Pearson for more details.

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