The front doors at Dimensions of Learning schoolSchool Mission

Our mission is to nurture  students so that they learn to think for themselves. They will be  encouraged to do their own research, analyze what they have found, and come to their own conclusions. We are committed to teaching students to think, not simply to memorize and then forget. They will learn how to learn, discovering that the process of learning can, and should, be as natural as breathing.

School Organization and Philosophy

The Dimensions of Learning framework is an extension of a comprehensive research framework on cognition and learning developed by Robert Marzano of the McREL Institute. The model is designed to translate research into a practical classroom application to improve teaching in any content area.

This school is dedicated to communicating through this model. Its premise is that five types of thinking, which are referred to as the five dimensions of learning, are essential to student learning and academic performance. These dimensions are:

  • Positive attitudes and perceptions about learning
  • Acquiring and integrating knowledge
  • Extending and refining knowledge
  • Using knowledge meaningfully
  • Productive habits of mind

The Dimensions of Learning framework helps educators plan instruction that takes into account all five of these critical aspects of learning.

The foundation for learning is also based upon a defined set of knowledge. This knowledge is organized in two categories of standards which will be integrated in a holistic approach to instruction. The two categories are Academic Content Standards and Lifelong Learning Standards, skills which are used with the academic standards across all content areas.

This big picture vision for comprehensive school reform using the Dimensions of Learning model and standards-based learning/assessment focuses on reorganization and revitalization of the entire school rather than on isolated, piecemeal reforms.

School History

The Dimensions of Learning Academy is a Charter School of the Kenosha Unified School District.  The charter was approved by the Kenosha Unified School Board on April 24, 2000 and began operation in the fall of 2000.