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New Educator Induction & Mentoring

The purpose of the New Educator Induction program is to improve student learning by providing the necessary support to new educators joining the Kenosha Unified School District. New educators quickly learn that teaching is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. Purposeful entry into teaching through mentoring, coaching, and ongoing reflection and support is essential to retaining high quality educators in order to enhance student achievement.

The goals of the New Educator Induction Program are as follows:

  • Establish an integrated professional development program that blends the needs of new teachers with support for all staff in meeting the diverse learning needs of students and improving their achievement
  • Reinvigorated, experienced teachers who grow as a result of reflecting on their craft during their mentoring relationships
  • Higher retention rates among new teachers

Layers of Support

  • New Educator Orientation:  New Educators to KUSD (both veteran and novice) attend district sessions on general topics necessary for transitioning into the District.
  • Site Orientation: Mentor and building administrator provide site-specific information and connections for the New Educator.
  • Ongoing Support Cohorts:  New Educators attend sessions every other month with others in a similar content area, specialty, or grade level band. Each session will have a general topic applicable to all New Educators and focus on topics of relevance specific to each cohort. 
  • Mentoring: Mentors and Initial Educator meet regularly to plan instruction, initiate learning- focused conversations, and collaborate on desired outcomes for student learning. Mentor and Initial educator’s relationship promotes professional growth and development.

Illustration of a target showing General Cohort Topics & Orientation on the outside ring, Cohort Differentiation & Site Orientation on the middle ring, and Mentoring as the bulls-eye.

Resources for New Educators and Mentors

Becoming a Mentor