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Homebound Instruction

A parent and a student reading a book together.

The Homebound Instruction Program provides instruction to students who are unable to attend school for at least five consecutive days due to a physical injury, a medical condition or a severe emotional problem. Instruction is generally provided in the home by certified teachers and is designed to provide support for core academic courses on a short-term basis.  Homebound Instruction is offered in basic elementary subjects and in middle and secondary subjects that do not require laboratories or special equipment. Instruction is always subject to the availability of qualified teachers.

The following steps are required prior to enrollment in Homebound Instruction:

  • A meeting between the student’s parent or guardian and the Homebound Instruction Teacher Consultant;
  • Consultation between the Teacher Consultant and the student’s home school teacher(s) and/or counselor and their recommendation for Homebound Instruction placement.  In all cases, possible modifications in the school setting are considered first; 
  • A completed Physician Verification for Homebound Instruction. This form must include the reason Homebound Instruction is needed and an estimate of the length of time services will be required.

Once these steps are completed, placement determination is made by the Homebound Instruction Teacher Consultant.

For more information, please read Homebound Questions & Answers for Families (PDF), published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.


Stacey Chike​
Homebound Instruction Teacher Consultant
Phone: 262-359-8524
Email: schike@kusd.edu