A Typical Afternoon | Kenosha Unified School District

A Typical Afternoon


An Afterschool Program starts with student check-in and snack. Kenosha Unified Food Services provides a healthy snack and milk for students. A structured outdoor recess may occur after snack and/or between Power Hour and enrichment activities.

Power Hour

Following snack, all students participate in educational activities focused on fundamental knowledge in reading, writing, and math. Some students are given an opportunity to concentrate on the completion of their daily homework with support from staff. In addition teacher and college tutors work with small groups of students.

Typically, elementary school CLC sites follow an academic schedule that incorporates many academic subject areas.

  • Math Mondays - Students practice mathematical skills.
  • Two Tuesdays – Students do activities related to science and social studies.
  • Winner Wednesday - Students are invited to join in on a celebration if they’ve achieved a specific goal. Winner Wednesdays occur monthly and the target is intended to increase student attendance, academic performance, and/or positive behavior.
  • Thinking Thursday - Students read, write, and are engaged in critical thinking exercises.
  • Fitness Friday – Students are exposed to a variety of fitness programs.



The second hour of the CLC program is designed to be an interactive learning experience. Students are given many opportunities to participate in a variety of educational activities such as: 

  • Arts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Character Education
  • Chess
  • Education & Career Development
  • Field Trips
  • 4-H Experiential Education
  • Healthy Life Skills
  • Junior Achievement
  • Kinderchefs
  • Physical Fitness
  • Robotics
  • Science
  • Service Learning
  • Social Studies
  • Sports
    • Flag Football
    • Kickball
    • Rotary Basketball
    • Soccer