Services and Support

Help Desk

The Help Desk is responsible for providing support to end-users via phone and email.

  • First level assistance with hardware and software questions.
  • Assist with imaging and maintaining computers

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are software applications that are used by multiple people in multiple buildings throughout the district.

  • Aesop (Staff substitutes and leave reporting)
  • Cisco Unified Communications (IP Telephony)
  • Destiny (Library)
  • Enterprise storage (Over 100TB)
  • Exchange (Electronic mail)
  • IFAS (Financial System and Human Resources)
  • Infinite Campus (Student Information System)
  • MyLearningPlan (Organization training and development)
  • SchoolMessenger (Community communication)
  • Versatrans (Transportation)
  • WinSNAP (Food Services)

Specialty and Instructional Applications

Specialty and Instructional applications are software applications used by specific schools or departments throughout the district.

  • ChildPlus (Headstart)
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
  • MyBigCampus
  • Web Helpdesk

Technical Services and Support

Technical services and support includes help desk, district technicians, programmers, and engineers

  • Computer configuration/ deployment/ repair
  • Printer deployment/ repair
  • End-user support for client based software, hardware and connectivity
  • Wireless Support
  • Mobile devices (Android, iOS)


Security provides the applications and access users need and maintains a safe and secure technology infrastructure.

  • Anti-virus, anti-SPAM
  • Firewall (Keeps out hackers)
  • Security (Security of our data and computer systems)
  • Website filtering