Cupcakes in the Classroom | Kenosha Unified School District

Cupcakes in the Classroom

This service is available to parents and teachers to order baked goods for the classroom. Why Catering in the Classroom? To ensure the safety and sanitation of all food served to our students. District Policy discourages homemade food to be served at school functions. This includes food for class parties and fund raisers. Food for these functions must be prepared by licensed food service professionals.

Our food service professionals will deliver specially made cupcakes for birthdays or other celebrations in the classroom. This is an EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to reward your students!

Parents: Once you have an occasion to celebrate contact the Food Service Department at (262) 359-6383 to arrange for your catering (you need to also contact your teacher to receive approval for the event). The Food Services Department will then deliver baked goods for a minimal fee.

Contact Kris Calles to order or ask questions:
Telephone: 262-359-6382