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Enter your employee ID# as the IFAS user and enter your SSN (without the dashes) as IFAS password. If you already changed the password but can't remember what it is, click the "Forgot Login?" link to have a new password emailed to you.

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ACH Payment

KUSD requires that employees arrange for automatic deposit of pay. The pay deposit can be made to a checking or savings account at any bank or credit union. If an employee does not have a checking / savings account, Johnson Bank has offered to help employees establish an account for this payroll requirement. Employees are responsible for managing information on Employee Online if they change banking institutions, amounts of deposit, etc. Allow at least two weeks for automatic deposit changes to take effect. This may necessitate that the employee keep the “old” account open until the automatic deposit change takes effect.


Employee earnings and tax withholdings are reported annually. W2s are mailed to the last address supplied by the employee to Employee Online. After mailing, the information is available to individuals via the Employee Online feature.