Community School Relations

The district recognizes that parent/guardian and family engagement is key to academic achievement and is a shared responsibility between school and family. Together, the Community School Relations team, KUSD staff and community partners, work to implement interactive family learning experiences that relate to curriculum, safety, and strengthening family communication and school connections.  

The three major ongoing district goals are:

  1. to increase students’ developmental assets,
  2. to increase a sense of safety within our schools, and
  3. to strengthen parent/guardian and family engagement.

Program Feature Videos

▶️ Bose Kindergarten Family Night 2021

▶️ Hispanic Heritage Celebration Bradford 2021

▶️ Middle School Second Step Program Unit One: Mindsets and Goals

Healthy Communities / Healthy Youth

Presentations are provided on the Search Institute’s mission of the Forty Developmental Assets. Sharing information and providing resources are included.

Community School Relations Coordinator
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