Support Brompton

Our Charter school is strongly supported by our parents, family and friends in a variety of ways.  We welcome volunteers, corporate sponsors and financial contributions to keep our school moving forward to educate our students in the 21st Century skills to make them successful and positive leaders in our communities in the future.

If you would like to learn more  about how you can assist us to continue moving  forward, please contact 262-359-2191.


Amazon Smile

We have a new opportunity with Amazon Smile to raise money for The Brompton School!

When you link your Amazon account to The Brompton School using Amazon Smile, The Brompton School will receive 0.5% of all of your purchases.  While this may seem like a small amount, if a large number of people are participating, the amount can add up quickly!

In order for The Brompton School to receive the donation, use the link below to begin your purchases from Amazon.  Your donations will be used to directly benefit your students!

Click here to begin your Amazon purchase:


Schwan’s Care Program

Click here to begin your Schwan’s Care program purchase: