Mrs. Elizabeth Williams

I love silliness, nonsense and I have an insatiable curiosity!  These qualities along with my passion for teaching are a fantastic combination for an effective educator.  I love to hear my students use new vocabulary that I’ve exposed them to or ask questions about a certain character that we’re reading about or work completely independently knowing that I’ve taught them to problem-solve on their own.

I earned my degree in English and I received my Certification in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  I have about ⅔ of my Master’s done and I have earned many other teaching-related credits from Carthage College.  Not only do I have a passion for teaching, I also have a passion for learning, especially if what I am learning about makes me a better teacher.

I’ve been teaching on and off for about 24 years.  In my “off” years, I stayed home to raise my own two daughters until my youngest started kindergarten.  This brings me to my family, I have been married for 26 years to the best guy ever, John, who blessed me with two awesome daughters, Julia (22) and Gwendolyn (20).

I absolutely love teaching at Brompton because I love the rigor, the staff and the fact that the parents here are bringing up their kids the way I brought up mine!  I’ve taught middle school Science and now I’m teaching first grade where I hope to stay for a long time.

Now for some “Mrs. Williams’” trivia:

  1. I got my motorcycle license when I was 45 years old.
  2. I saved a student’s life when I was on a field trip in Washington DC.
  3. I am the fifth child out of six kids.