Bradford's Scholarship Information

What is a scholarship? - A scholarship is a merit-based funding determined by a variety of factors. Each individual scholarship tends to have its own unique criteria. However, general categories may include some, but not all of the following:

  • Academic performance
  • GPA/Class rank
  • Community/School involvement
  • Clubs, sports, volunteer activities, awards, offices held
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Leadership skills
  • Essay
  • Career interest
  • Ethnicity, gender, height, employment
  • Need for financial assistance
  • Application technicalities
    • Neatness, Accuracy, Thoroughness
    • Typewritten
    • Interviews
    • References
    • Deadlines

Scholarship Procedures

Local/State/National Scholarships are posted throughout Bradford High School, in the Guidance Newsletter and via the web. Eligibility, procedures, and deadlines are summarized on an initial page so that students can easily check if they qualify. Applications are readily available for downloading. Students are encouraged to periodically check for new listings; simply click on "Scholarship Listing".

College/University Scholarships/Awards are offered through individual college campuses and programs. Students are encouraged to visit each campus' websites for listings and/or call the financial aid office of the school they are planning to attend. Scholarships/financial aid services are not limited to your freshman year of college. There are many scholarship opportunities awaiting you in years to come.

Scholarship Scams

Most families require some outside assistance to help pay for college tuition.  That is why each year thousands of students seek and find scholarships.  Unfortunately, the high demand to locate money in a short amount of time has created opportunity for scams.  Some warning signs of potential scholarship scams are as follows:

  • Be wary of charges related to scholarship information services or individual scholarship applications.  There are some that require a legitimate processing fee.  However, generally scholarships services should be giving out money, not collecting it.
  • Be wary of information you receive that claims, "you are a finalist" in a contest you don't remember entering.
  •   Be wary of operations that put pressure on an applicant by saying that awards are on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.
  • Be wary of scholarship services that claim that they will do ALL of the work. Many times scholarships require personal statements, letters of recommendation, and/or essays that only YOU can provide.

There are many wonderful scholarship opportunities available to students.  Just remember to use good judgment when applying. To research and/or report a scholarship service, contact your local Better Business Bureau at (414) 273-1600.

Top Ten Scholarship Mistakes

  1. Waiting until you're a senior to worry about your GPA or rank
  2. Thinking that scholarships are only for the top 10% of your class
  3. Not getting involved in your school and/or community
  4. Not following the application directions exactly
  5. Not choosing your references wisely
  6. Turning in a sloppy, mistake-filled application
  7. Leaving parts of the application blank.  Be sure to put "n/a" for not applicable, or draw a line through space so the blank space isn't mistaken for negligence on your part
  8. Not being committed to the time and energy for searching and applying
  9. Not giving people who are writing you a letter of recommendation at least two weeks to write it
  10. Missing the scholarship deadline

Scholarship Resources


Ways to Find Scholarships Hand-out


Other resources:

  • Local newspaper
  • Place of employment
  • Contact financial aid office of the college you plan to attend for a listing
  • Click on Available Scholarships located at the top of the page -far right
  • Various scholarship books, which can be found in libraries and book stores