Bradford School Counseling Department (Grades 10-12)

The Bradford High School Counseling Department, consistent with the KUSD mission statement is to successfully educate all students to reach their fullest intellectual, academic, social/emotional potential. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and/or concerns regarding your child. We are here to work with you to help ensure the success of your child. Any questions regarding 9th grade students can be accessed through the Freshman Academy website.

Bradford High School Counseling Staff

  • Adam Sulko, Assistant Principal - Student Life and Learning
    Adam Sulko is the administrator for the School Counseling Program grades 10-12. In addition, he is the AP, WKCE Coordinator, Activities Administrator and Upward Bound Liaison.
  • Joyce Dohnal; Counselor
    Joyce Dohnal is the PSAT, new student registration, college vistations and ACT coordinator.
  • Robin Mars; Counselor
    Robin Mars is the facilitator of Bradford's scholarships, curriculum development, the Bradford Guidance website and the Bradford Scholarship website. She also serves as a member on the Injury Prevention Coalition.
  • Scott Saling
  • Amber Wabalickis

High School Counseling Program

Throughout the year, it is the goal of the Bradford High School Counseling Department to meet with students on an individual and/or small group basis and during advisory to enhance personal, social and educational milestones with students. Each year, the counselors will be working with students to address pertinent issues related to each grade level.

Sophomore Year

Individual/Group: This is the year for students to Come Into Focus with their future career choices. Students will be reassigned a counselor. Therefore, counselors will be getting acquainted with students through Sophomore Interviews and will be helping them to create an Individual Graduation Plan as more time will be spent on career preparation/college searching. Career Clusters, and rank will also be discussed.

Advisory: Topics and discussions in advisory will enhance individual and small group learning. Interest Inventory, Helpful Web sites, Career/ College Planning, Stress Management, Junior Registration and ACT Preparation will be discussed.

Junior Year

Individual/Group: This is the year for students to start Looking Ahead at their future career choices. Each counselor will be conducting Junior Interviews in the spring in order to meet the individual needs of the student and answer questions as they narrow their focus in career choices. Topics include: resume writing, rank sheets, ACT, SAT, Letters of Recommendation, Early Graduation, What to say to a college Rep, College Readiness and other tips on Getting Ready for your Senior Year. Parents are welcomed to call and schedule an appointment as well.

Advisory: Topics and discussions in advisory will enhance individual and small group learning .Topics will include: Junior Journey, Career Prep, College Prep, Helpful Web sites, Stress Management, registration, Brag Sheets and Career Confusion.

Senior Year

Individual/Group: This is the year that students make definitive plans to Move Beyond the high school level. Counselor will be meeting with students in early fall to discuss steps of completing high school requirements and making reservations for future plans. Resources available in their search are as follows: Helpful Websites, Senior Rank, scholarships, college newsletter, and Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Advisory: Topics and discussions in advisory will enhance individual and small group learning. Topics to be discussed are as follows: meeting college representatives, stress management, career directions and Honors Convocation will all be addressed.