Freshman Academy

Hello Families… We need your help to keep Freshmen on track and learning good habits for high school! Freshmen need your support as they learn how to assume more responsibility for their own learning. Please check their grades each week on Infinite Campus, communicate with their teachers, and begin to talk to your child about their plans after high school. When the work gets hard for your freshman, encourage them to ask their teacher for help! Teachers are glad to help before or after school and during Quest.

Preparing for your FUTURE!

You’ve done hard things before, you can do it again. When it gets hard, find a way to work harder. Your effort doesn’t just make a difference—it makes THE difference.

Everyone is born smart and we all get smarter all the time. Intelligence comes in many forms and each type of intelligence is important. When something doesn’t come easy, challenge yourself to work harder. You can learn when it gets hard, if you refuse to quit!

Bradford’s Freshman Academy expects that all students will graduate from high school and plan for further education beyond. Whether that post-secondary education is a 4 year university, 2 year college, or on-the-job/apprentice training, education is the key to options. Most adults change career paths several times in their lives and there is no question that the more education you have, the more options you have for living the type of life that YOU choose!

Are you On Track for Graduation?

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To graduate from high school you must earn a minimum of 23.5 credits in the right combination (plus a few other things). The formula for graduating is very simple:

Pass the class, earn the credit! Fail the class, no credit!

To be on track to graduate, your goal is to earn at least 6 credits each year:
6 credits X 4 years of high school = 24 credits.

Can I be “held back” in high school?

Sort of. In high school, you must earn a certain number of credits to progress to the next level. Students without sufficient credits at the end of the year may not promote to the next level.

Freshman (Gr 9) –> Sophomore (Gr 10) –> Junior (Gr 11) –> Senior (Gr 12) –> GRADUATE!

Freshmen need a minimum of 5 credits to progress to Sophomore status. If you do not earn at least 5 credits, you will remain a freshman until you do.

How many credits does a course earn?

Generally, each semester long course earns ½ credit.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
6 classes x ½ credit each = 3 credits 6 classes x ½ credit each = 3 credits
Freshman Year: 12 total classes passed = 6 credits

What are the maximum credits I can earn my Freshman year?

The goal to be “on track for graduation” is 6 credits, but you can earn more than that. If you do not have a Study Hall during the day, you could earn up to 7 credits during the school year. Additionally, some students earn additional credits through summer school or e-school. Earning more credits than 6 per year is how our Junior or Senior students qualify for a scheduled release. Releases can be helpful when you need additional study time, want to take a Youth Options Course/extended AP class, or even just get out early to make it to your job!

Does Study Hall earn credits?

No. Study Hall does not earn credit but it can provide you a consistent time and place to get your work done during the school day. Study Hall can be a help for you to do well in your classes.

If I fail a class, I understand that I won’t get the credit but I heard that I may have to take the course again?

Yes, you may have to retake a course if you failed the first time around. You need both credits and specific required courses for graduation.

I’ve just started high school….why does my freshman year GPA (Grade Point Average) matter?

Most students start their college applications the summer before Senior Year. Thus, colleges will look most closely at your first 3 years of high school, which includes the grades you earned your freshman year. Always do your best!