Freshman Academy Goal

The goal of the Bradford Freshman Academy is to increase the number of students who earn enough credits in ninth grade to be promoted to tenth grade with the longer-range goal of graduating from high school in four years. The team believes that improving attendance, credits earned, social adjustment, and reducing suspensions and discipline issues is crucial to determining high school success for our freshmen.

Freshman Academy History

Nationwide, the research and literature supports that ninth grade is a critical point in a student’s high school career. This research, as well as Bradford High School data, clearly indicated that academic achievement from middle school to high school decreased, while behavior problems, suspensions and expulsions increased early in ninth grade.  In response to this, during the 2006-2007 school year, discussions were held to brainstorm strategies to help students transition more successfully from the middle schools to Bradford High School.  A request for an additional assistant principal for Bradford High School was proposed to the school board so a freshman academy could be formed to address these issues.   The school board approved the additional administrator at the July 24, 2007 school board meeting.

A Freshman Academy Team was formed consisting of Administrator Jean Schlais, Counselor Hansel Lugo, SAIL Counselor/Social Worker Gina Fisher, Dean Jessica Kapellusch, .25-Dean/Attendance officer Tim Hansen, and Secretary Peggy Ishmael.  In March 2009, a half time intervention specialist, Marie Block, was added to the team.

A Freshman Academy office was established in the summer of 2007 to provide a centralized location to meet all freshman student and parent needs.  This office handles freshman enrollment, discipline, and parent/student requests for meetings and information.