School Board Policy | Kenosha Unified School District

School Board Policy

1000 Series - Community Relations
Form English Spanish
1110 - Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Surveys PDF icon 1110.pdf PDF icon 1110-sp.pdf
1120 - Parent/Guardian and Family Engagement PDF icon 1120.pdf PDF icon 1120-sp.pdf
1131 - Memorials Within Schools PDF icon 1131.pdf PDF icon 1131-sp.pdf
1210 - Communicating With Parents/Guardians (Including Crisis) PDF icon 1210.pdf PDF icon 1210-sp.pdf
1212 - Non-English Language Version Printed Materials PDF icon 1212.pdf PDF icon 1212-sp.pdf
1220 - Cable Television PDF icon 1220.pdf PDF icon 1220-sp.pdf
1240 - Access to Public Records PDF icon 1240.pdf PDF icon 1240-sp.pdf
1240A - Access to Public Records - Notice to Public Concerning Access to Public Records PDF icon 1240a.pdf PDF icon 1240a-sp.pdf
1240B - Access to Public Records - Notice to Employees PDF icon 1240b.pdf PDF icon 1240b-sp.pdf
1310 - Tobacco and/or Vaping Device Use PDF icon 1310.pdf PDF icon 1310-sp.pdf
1330 - Facilities Use PDF icon 1330.pdf PDF icon 1330-sp.pdf
1331 - Classification of Groups Using School District Facilities PDF icon 1331.pdf
1333 - Facilities Charges PDF icon 1333.pdf
1350 - Equipment Use by Community Groups PDF icon 1350.pdf
1400 - Gifts, Grants and Bequests PDF icon 1400.pdf PDF icon 1400-sp.pdf
1410 - Free Materials PDF icon 1410.pdf
1500 - Solicitations/Fundraising PDF icon 1500.pdf PDF icon 1500-sp.pdf
1510 - Advertising/Promotions PDF icon 1510.pdf PDF icon 1510-sp.pdf
1520 - Distribution of Marketing Materials to Students PDF icon 1520.pdf PDF icon 1520-sp.pdf
1600 - Visitors PDF icon 1600.pdf PDF icon 1600-sp.pdf
1610 - Registered Sex Offender PDF icon 1610.pdf PDF icon 1610-sp.pdf
1720 - Complaints About School Personnel PDF icon 1720.pdf PDF icon 1720-sp.pdf
1810 - Community Agencies and Schools Relations PDF icon 1810.pdf PDF icon 1810-sp.pdf
1812 - Relations With Parent-Teacher Organizations PDF icon 1812.pdf PDF icon 1812-sp.pdf
1950 - Relations With Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association PDF icon 1950.pdf PDF icon 1950-sp.pdf
2000 Series - Administration
Form English Spanish
2110 - Benchmarks PDF icon 2110.pdf PDF icon 2110-sp.pdf
2210 - Recruiting and Hiring - Superintendent PDF icon 2210.pdf PDF icon 2210-sp.pdf
2211 - Recruiting and Hiring - Administrative, Supervisory and Technical Personnel PDF icon 2211.pdf PDF icon 2211-sp.pdf
2221 - Relocation Expenses - Administrative, Supervisory and Technical Personnel PDF icon 2221.pdf PDF icon 2221-sp.pdf
2250 - Evaluation - Superintendent PDF icon 2250.pdf PDF icon 2250-sp.pdf
2251 - Evaluation - Administrative, Supervisory and Technical Personnel PDF icon 2251.pdf PDF icon 2251-sp.pdf
2300 - Educational Support Center - Administration PDF icon 2300.pdf PDF icon 2300-sp.pdf
2400 - School - Administration PDF icon 2400.pdf PDF icon 2400-sp.pdf
2410 - School Support Staffing - Administrative PDF icon 2410.pdf PDF icon 2410-sp.pdf
2710 - Line and Staff Relations PDF icon 2710.pdf PDF icon 2710-sp.pdf
2720 - Shared Decision Making PDF icon 2720.pdf PDF icon 2720-sp.pdf
2810 - Incident Reporting PDF icon 2810.pdf PDF icon 2810-sp.pdf
3000 Series - Business Operations
Form English Spanish
3110 - Annual Operating Budget PDF icon 3110.pdf PDF icon 3110-sp.pdf
3111 - School Board Budget PDF icon 3111.pdf PDF icon 3111-sp.pdf
3112 - Budget Administration PDF icon 3112.pdf
3113 - Fiscal Impact Statement PDF icon 3113.pdf PDF icon 3113-sp.pdf
3121 - Financial Accounting PDF icon 3121.pdf PDF icon 3121-sp.pdf
3122 - Accounts Receivable/Uncollectible Accounts PDF icon 3122.pdf PDF icon 3122-sp.pdf
3124 - Annual Financial Audit PDF icon 3124.pdf PDF icon 3124-sp.pdf
3210 - Revenues From Local Sources PDF icon 3210.pdf PDF icon 3210-sp.pdf
3220 - Funding Proposals and Grants PDF icon 3220.pdf PDF icon 3220-sp.pdf
3220AR - Funding Proposals and Grants PDF icon 3220ar.pdf PDF icon 3220ar-sp.pdf
3230 - Borrowing, Bonds and Promissory Notes PDF icon 3230.pdf PDF icon 3230-sp.pdf
3240 - Investments PDF icon 3240.pdf PDF icon 3240-sp.pdf
3260 - School Sale of Student Supply Items PDF icon 3260.pdf PDF icon 3260-sp.pdf
3270 - Rental and Sale of District Owned Real Estate PDF icon 3270.pdf PDF icon 3270-sp.pdf
3280 - Student Fees PDF icon 3280.pdf PDF icon 3280-sp.pdf
3310 - Depository of Funds PDF icon 3310.pdf PDF icon 3310-sp.pdf
3311 - Authorized Signatures PDF icon 3311.pdf PDF icon 3311-sp.pdf
3313 - Non-Sufficient Funds Checks (NSF) PDF icon 3313.pdf PDF icon 3313-sp.pdf
3321 - Student Activity Funds PDF icon 3321.pdf PDF icon 3321-sp.pdf
3323 - Fund Balance PDF icon 3323.pdf PDF icon 3323-sp.pdf
3330 - Bonded Employees and Officers PDF icon 3330.pdf PDF icon 3330-sp.pdf
3340 - Monies in School Buildings PDF icon 3340.pdf
3412 - Mileage Reimbursement PDF icon 3412.pdf PDF icon 3412-sp.pdf
3420 - Purchasing PDF icon 3420.pdf PDF icon 3420-sp.pdf
3422 - Exclusivity Agreements with Vendors PDF icon 3422.pdf PDF icon 3422-sp.pdf
3430 - Payment for Supplies, Equipment and Services PDF icon 3430.pdf
3440 - Fixed Charges PDF icon 3440.pdf PDF icon 3440-sp.pdf
3511 - Transportation PDF icon 3511.pdf PDF icon 3511-sp.pdf
3514 - Use of Privately Owned Vehicles to Transport Students PDF icon 3514.pdf PDF icon 3514-sp.pdf
3520 - School Nutrition Programs PDF icon 3520.pdf PDF icon 3520-sp.pdf
3520AR - School Nutrition Programs Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility PDF icon 3520ar.pdf PDF icon 3520ar-sp.pdf
3522 - Milk Program PDF icon 3522.pdf PDF icon 3522-sp.pdf
3523 - Vending Machines for Food Items PDF icon 3523.pdf PDF icon 3523-sp.pdf
3531.1 - Copyrighted Materials PDF icon 3531.1.pdf PDF icon 3531.1-sp.pdf
3600 - School Safety PDF icon 3600.pdf PDF icon 3600-sp.pdf
3622 - Access to School Buildings and Grounds PDF icon 3622.pdf PDF icon 3622-sp.pdf
3623 - Loss or Damage of Personal Property on District Premises PDF icon 3623.pdf PDF icon 3623-sp.pdf
3631 - Accident Reports PDF icon 3631.pdf PDF icon 3631-sp.pdf
3643 - Emergency School Closings PDF icon 3643.pdf PDF icon 3643-sp.pdf
3645 - Emergency Use of School Buildings PDF icon 3645.pdf PDF icon 3645-sp.pdf
3651 - Hazardous Chemicals PDF icon 3651.pdf PDF icon 3651-sp.pdf
3652 - Integrated Pest Management PDF icon 3652.pdf PDF icon 3652-sp.pdf
3653 - Indoor Air Quality PDF icon 3653.pdf PDF icon 3653-sp.pdf
3700 - Facilities Management PDF icon 3700.pdf PDF icon 3700-sp.pdf
3710 - Facilities Maintenance PDF icon 3710.pdf PDF icon 3710-sp.pdf
3711 - Improvement or Maintenance Projects PDF icon 3711.pdf PDF icon 3711-sp.pdf
3720 - Energy Management PDF icon 3720.pdf PDF icon 3720-sp.pdf
3750 - Playground Equipment PDF icon 3750.pdf PDF icon 3750-sp.pdf
3800 - Asset Management PDF icon 3800.pdf PDF icon 3800-sp.pdf
3810 - Employee Use of District Equipment (Other Than Technology Equipment) PDF icon 3810.pdf PDF icon 3810-sp.pdf
3900 - Insurance Management PDF icon 3900.pdf PDF icon 3900-sp.pdf
4000 Series - Personnel
Form English Spanish
4110 - Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action PDF icon 4110.pdf PDF icon 4110-sp.pdf
4111 - Employee Harassment PDF icon 4111.pdf PDF icon 4111-sp.pdf
4112 - Violence in the Workplace PDF icon 4112.pdf PDF icon 4112-sp.pdf
4200 - General Personnel Policies PDF icon 4200.pdf PDF icon 4200-sp.pdf
4211 - Staff Communications to the School Board PDF icon 4211.pdf PDF icon 4211-sp.pdf
4221 - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace PDF icon 4221.pdf PDF icon 4221-sp.pdf
4223 - Staff Misconduct Reporting PDF icon 4223.pdf PDF icon 4223-sp.pdf
4224 - Employee Code of Ethics PDF icon 4224.pdf PDF icon 4224-sp.pdf
4225 - Staff Participation in Community Life PDF icon 4225.pdf PDF icon 4225-sp.pdf
4226 - Staff Technology Acceptable Use Policy PDF icon 4226.pdf PDF icon 4226-sp.pdf
4228 - Staff Compliance in Court Orders PDF icon 4228.pdf PDF icon 4228-sp.pdf
4229 - Employee Dress and Grooming PDF icon 4229.pdf PDF icon 4229-sp.pdf
4231 - Staff Physical Examinations PDF icon 4231.pdf PDF icon 4231-sp.pdf
4232.1 - Employee Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection PDF icon 4232.1.pdf PDF icon 4232.1-sp.pdf
4233 - Employee Assistance Program PDF icon 4233.pdf PDF icon 4233-sp.pdf
4235 - Employees Right to Know (Toxic Substances and Infectious Agents) PDF icon 4235.pdf PDF icon 4235-sp.pdf
4240 - Staff Gifts PDF icon 4240.pdf PDF icon 4240-sp.pdf
4260 - Personnel Records PDF icon 4260.pdf
4270 - General Employee Complaints PDF icon 4270.pdf PDF icon 4270-sp.pdf
4271 - Employee Complaint (Grievance) PDF icon 4271.pdf PDF icon 4271-sp.pdf
4280 - Employee Attendance and Punctuality PDF icon 4280.pdf PDF icon 4280-sp.pdf
4320 - Individual Employment Contracts PDF icon 4320.pdf PDF icon 4320-sp.pdf
4330 - Staff Selection and Hiring Process PDF icon 4330.pdf PDF icon 4330-sp.pdf
4331 - Conflicts of Interest (Nepotism) PDF icon 4331.pdf PDF icon 4331-sp.pdf
4332 - Criminal Background Checks PDF icon 4332.pdf PDF icon 4332-sp.pdf
4333 - Chaperone Requirements & Expectations PDF icon 4333.pdf PDF icon 4333-sp.pdf
4351 - Staff Work Schedules PDF icon 4351.pdf PDF icon 4351-sp.pdf
4351.1 - Teaching Load PDF icon 4351.1.pdf PDF icon 4351.1-sp.pdf
4361 - Employee Resignation/Retirement PDF icon 4361.pdf PDF icon 4361-sp.pdf
4362 - Employee Discipline PDF icon 4362.pdf PDF icon 4362-sp.pdf
4370 - Professional Learning PDF icon 4370.pdf PDF icon 4370-sp.pdf
4380 - Employee Evaluations PDF icon 4380.pdf PDF icon 4380-sp.pdf
4391 - Limitations on Outside Employment PDF icon 4391.pdf PDF icon 4391-sp.pdf
4392 - Student Teachers and Interns PDF icon 4392.pdf PDF icon 4392-sp.pdf
5000 Series - Students
Form English Spanish
5110.1 - Student Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in Education PDF icon 5110.1.pdf PDF icon 5110.1-sp.pdf
5111 - Anti-Bullying/Harassment/Hate PDF icon 5111.pdf PDF icon 5111-sp.pdf
5118.1 - Promotion PDF icon 5118.1.pdf PDF icon 5118.1-sp.pdf
5118.3 - Retention/Acceleration PDF icon 5118.3.pdf PDF icon 5118.3-sp.pdf
5118.3AR - Retention/Acceleration PDF icon 5118.3ar.pdf PDF icon 5118.3ar-sp.pdf
5120 - Student Enrollment Reporting PDF icon 5120.pdf PDF icon 5120-sp.pdf
5127 - Photographing Elementary Students PDF icon 5127.pdf PDF icon 5127-sp.pdf
5132 - Motor Vehicles PDF icon 5132.pdf PDF icon 5132-sp.pdf
5138.1 - Entering and Leaving the Building PDF icon 5138.1.pdf PDF icon 5138.1-sp.pdf
5138.2 - Playground Supervision PDF icon 5138.2.pdf PDF icon 5138.2-sp.pdf
5138.3 - Lunchroom Privileges PDF icon 5138.3.pdf PDF icon 5138.3-sp.pdf
5138.5 - Closed Campus PDF icon 5138.5.pdf PDF icon 5138.5-sp.pdf
5138.5AR - Guidelines on Regulations for Closed Campus PDF icon 5138_5ar.pdf
5200 - School Admissions PDF icon 5200.pdf PDF icon 5200-sp.pdf
5210 - Entrance Age PDF icon 5210.pdf PDF icon 5210-sp.pdf
5220 - Nonresident Students (Excluding Open Enrollment) PDF icon 5220.pdf
5240 - Accommodation of Private School and Home Based Educational Program Students PDF icon 5240.pdf PDF icon 5240-sp.pdf
5250 - Emancipated Minors PDF icon 5250.pdf PDF icon 5250-sp.pdf
5260 - Full Time Open Enrollment PDF icon 5260.pdf PDF icon 5260-sp.pdf
5270 - Part Time Open Enrollment PDF icon 5270.pdf PDF icon 5270-sp.pdf
5280 - Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) PDF icon 5280.pdf PDF icon 5280-sp.pdf
5310 - Student Attendance PDF icon 5310.pdf PDF icon 5310-sp.pdf
5311 - Summer School PDF icon 5311.pdf PDF icon 5311-sp.pdf
5320 - School Attendance Areas PDF icon 5320.pdf PDF icon 5320-sp.pdf
5330 - Assignment of Students to Schools PDF icon 5330.pdf PDF icon 5330-sp.pdf
5341 - Release Time for Religious Instruction PDF icon 5341.pdf PDF icon 5341-sp.pdf
5411 - Student Ambassador PDF icon 5411.pdf PDF icon 5411-sp.pdf
5430 - Student Conduct and Discipline PDF icon 5430.pdf PDF icon 5430-sp.pdf
5430AR - Administrative Review Committee Rules PDF icon 5430ar.pdf PDF icon 5430ar-sp.pdf
5431 - Student Dress Code PDF icon 5431.pdf PDF icon 5431-sp.pdf
5431.1 - School Uniforms PDF icon 5431.1.pdf PDF icon 5431.1-sp.pdf
5432 - School Buses PDF icon 5432.pdf PDF icon 5432-sp.pdf
5433 - Tobacco Use by Students PDF icon 5433.pdf PDF icon 5433-sp.pdf
5434 - Alcohol and Other Drugs - Students PDF icon 5434.pdf PDF icon 5434-sp.pdf
5435 - Electronic Devices PDF icon 5435.pdf PDF icon 5435-sp.pdf
5435.1 - Laser Devices PDF icon 5435_1.pdf
5436 - Weapons PDF icon 5436.pdf
5436.1 - Fires, Fire Alarms, Explosives, Firecrackers, and Spray Devices PDF icon 5436_1.pdf
5436.2 - Missiles PDF icon 5436_2.pdf
5437 - Threats/Assaults PDF icon 5437.pdf
5437AR - Threats/Assaults PDF icon 5437-ar.pdf
5438 - Gangs and Gang Related Activities PDF icon 5438.pdf
5439 - Property Damage/Theft PDF icon 5439.pdf PDF icon 5439-sp.pdf
5440 - Married Students and School Age Parents PDF icon 5440.pdf
5450 - Law Enforcement Agencies and Schools PDF icon 5450.pdf
5461 - Student Lockers PDF icon 5461.pdf
5471 - Corporal Punishment/Use of Physical Force PDF icon 5471.pdf
5473 - Suspensions PDF icon 5473.pdf
5474 - Student Expulsion PDF icon 5474.pdf
5475 - Students With Disabilities PDF icon 5475.pdf
5531 - Emergency Care PDF icon 5531.pdf
5531AR - Emergency Care PDF icon 5531ar.pdf
5532 - Immunizations PDF icon 5532.pdf
5533 - Communicable Disease PDF icon 5533.pdf
5533.1 - Human Immunodeficiency Virus PDF icon 5533_1.pdf
5533.2 - Pediculosis (Head Lice) PDF icon 5533-2.pdf
5534 - Medication PDF icon 5534.pdf
5534.1 - Anaphylaxis PDF icon 5534.1.pdf
5540 - Abuse/Neglect PDF icon 5540.pdf
5570 - Crisis Management/Suicide Prevention PDF icon 5570.pdf
5580 - School Wellness PDF icon 5580.pdf
5610 - Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship PDF icon 5610.pdf
5910 - Children of Divorced or Separated Parents PDF icon 5910.pdf
6000 Series - Instruction
Form English Spanish
6100 - Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Goals PDF icon 6100.pdf
6200 - School Organizational Plan PDF icon 6200.pdf
6210 - School Year Calendar PDF icon 6210.pdf
6211 - Year-Round School PDF icon 6211.pdf
6230 - Ceremonies and Observances PDF icon 6230.pdf
6232 - Prayers in the Classroom PDF icon 6232.pdf
6300 - Curriculum Development and Improvement PDF icon 6300.pdf
6310 - Elementary School Curriculum PDF icon 6310.pdf
6310AR - Required KUSD Minimum Instructional Time for Core Subjects PDF icon 6310ar.pdf
6320 - Instructional Program Adoption, Implementation and Review PDF icon 6320.pdf
6330 - Privacy Rights in District Programs PDF icon 6330.pdf
6413.1 - Family Life Education (Instruction on Human Sexuality) PDF icon 6413.1.pdf
6413.1AR - Guidelines for Communications With Parents Regarding Family Life Curriculum Objectives PDF icon 6413_1ar.pdf
6418 - Character Education PDF icon 6418.pdf
6421 - Services for Students with Disabilities PDF icon 6421.pdf
6422 - Homebound Instruction PDF icon 6422.pdf
6423 - Talent Development Program PDF icon 6423.pdf
6423AR - Grade K-5 Enrichment Elementary Resource Support PDF icon 6423ar.pdf
6426 - Student Program or Curriculum Modifications PDF icon 6426.pdf
6427 - Individual and Remedial Services PDF icon 6427.pdf
6430 - Instructional Arrangements (The Learning Situation) PDF icon 6430.pdf
6432 - Class Size PDF icon 6432.pdf
6435 - Start College Now Program PDF icon 6435.pdf
6450 - Early College Credit Program PDF icon 6450.pdf
6452 - Student Progress Reporting PDF icon 6452.pdf
6456 - Graduation Requirements PDF icon 6456.pdf
6460 - Testing/Assessment PDF icon 6460.pdf
6470 - Student Records PDF icon 6470.pdf
6520 - Field/Co-curricular Trips PDF icon 6520.pdf
6530 - Community Resources PDF icon 6530.pdf
6570 - Before and/or After School Child Care Programs PDF icon 6570.pdf
6600 - Instructional Resources PDF icon 6600.pdf
6610 - Selection of Instructional Materials PDF icon 6610.pdf
6620 - Library Resources PDF icon 6620.pdf PDF icon 6620-sp.pdf
6633 - Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy PDF icon 6633.pdf PDF icon 6633-sp.pdf
6634 - Assistive Technology PDF icon 6634.pdf
6700 - Extracurricular Activities and Programs PDF icon 6700.pdf
6710 - School Organizations PDF icon 6710.pdf
6730 - Social Events/Student Reward Trips PDF icon 6730.pdf
6740 - Student Fundraising Activities PDF icon 6740.pdf
6740AR - Fundraising Permission Form PDF icon 6740ar.pdf
6741 - Raffles PDF icon 6741.pdf
6750 - Student Contests PDF icon 6750.pdf
6770 - Interscholastic Athletics PDF icon 6770.pdf
6780 - Public Appearances by Students PDF icon 6780.pdf
6810 - Teaching About Controversial Issues PDF icon 6810.pdf
6830 - Animals in School PDF icon 6830.pdf
6832 - Service Animals in District Facilities PDF icon 6832.pdf
6840 - Student Personal Work Restrictions PDF icon 6840.pdf
7000 Series - Major Construction, Additions, Remodeling
Form English
7200 - Facilities Planning PDF icon 7200.pdf
7210 - Forecasting Enrollments PDF icon 7210.pdf
7220 - Financing Capitalization PDF icon 7220.pdf
7311 - Preliminary and Working Drawings PDF icon 7311.pdf
7320 - Consultant Services PDF icon 7320.pdf
7321 - Architect/Engineers PDF icon 7321.pdf
7322 - Legal Services PDF icon 7322.pdf
7330 - Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards, and Change Orders PDF icon 7330.pdf
7331 - Protection and Guarantees PDF icon 7331.pdf
7340 - Site Selection and Acquisition PDF icon 7340.pdf
7350 - Project Administration/Supervision PDF icon 7350.pdf
7360 - Facilities Project Records and Reports PDF icon 7360.pdf
7370 - Equipment and Furniture PDF icon 7370.pdf
7400 - Naming or Renaming District-Owned Property PDF icon 7400.pdf
7500 - Acceptance of Completed Project PDF icon 7500.pdf
8000 Series - Internal Board Operations
Form English Spanish
8300 - School Board Legal Status PDF icon 8300.pdf
8310 - School Board Elections PDF icon 8310.pdf
8330 - Filling School Board Vacancies PDF icon 8330.pdf
8411 - Appointment of School Board Officers PDF icon 8411.pdf
8412 - School Board Officer Duties PDF icon 8412.pdf
8500 - School Board Powers and Duties PDF icon 8500.pdf
8510 - School Board Policy Development, Revision, and Repeal PDF icon 8510.pdf
8511 - Administrative Leeway in Absence of District Policy PDF icon 8511.pdf
8512 - Development of Administrative Rules and Regulations PDF icon 8512.pdf
8520 - Board Goal Setting PDF icon 8520.pdf
8530 - Board Self-Assessment PDF icon 8530.pdf
8540 - School Board Legislative Program (Legislative Liaison) PDF icon 8540.pdf
8610 - School Board Member Authority PDF icon 8610.pdf
8620 - School Board Member Membership, Orientation and Development PDF icon 8620.pdf
8640 - School Board Member Compensation and Expenses PDF icon 8640.pdf
8650 - School Board Ethical Code of Conduct PDF icon 8650.pdf
8651 - School Board Member Conflicts of Interest PDF icon 8651.pdf
8710 - Regular School Board Meetings PDF icon 8710.pdf
8711 - Public Notification of School Board Meetings PDF icon 8711.pdf
8712 - School Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Dissemination PDF icon 8712.pdf
8720 - Special School Board Meetings PDF icon 8720.pdf PDF icon 8720-sp.pdf
8730 - Executive Sessions (Closed Sessions) PDF icon 8730.pdf
8740 - Organizational Meeting PDF icon 8740.pdf
8750 - Annual School District Meeting PDF icon 8750.pdf
8810 - Rules of Order PDF icon 8810.pdf
8820 - Quorum PDF icon 8820.pdf
8840 - School Board Minutes PDF icon 8840.pdf
8850 - School Board Committees PDF icon 8850.pdf PDF icon 8850-sp.pdf
8860 - Citizen Advisory Committees PDF icon 8860.pdf
8870 - Public Participation at School Board Meetings PDF icon 8870.pdf PDF icon 8870-sp.pdf
8880 - Audio and Video Recording of Board Meetings PDF icon 8880.pdf